Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've never BEEn so happy before! Did you know that when you knock on people's door, they give you candy and animal cookies?? I think I wanna go visit my neighbors again tomorrow!

Okay, I KNOW there are other parents out there who can answer this question based on their children's television habits: What do you do with a scurvy pirate??

My Mommy is the biggest WITCH!

All cleaned up at home. VERY happy to be crinkling up a Snickers bar and wearing Lightning McQueen on my Jammies! And as a bonus to the evening, Spider Man (AKA "SpydEE mon") came to my house tonight! I'm a new fan of the "man".

For those of you that are interested, Reid's leg is finally feeling well enough for him to have started walking around a little tonight. He's not winning any races yet, but we're happy to see some progress finally. Four days is too long for a toddler not to toddle!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Poor little Roo. Last night he was so excited to go to a party ("Oh Boy! Paahty!"). It was a family soup cook, lots of people and their kids outside just enjoying a really pleasant evening. I was looking forward to it too. Early on, Reid saw the boys playing football so he was automatically just drawn to it--both the football, and the thought of playing with the older boys. He was just standing there, watching in awe, wanting to join in...and right about then, he got tackled. My little baby was in the wrong place at the wrong time when one boy chased another. First boy landed on Reid, second boy landed on first boy, and really hurt.

He calmed down and got snuggly and subdued, but really clingy. When I tried to put him down he screamed to get back up. Eventually we went inside and he just kind of layed around and played with toys...but really quiet and emotional. We got to thinking that maybe his poor little noggin hurt from hitting the ground, so we went home, gave him a bath and let him snuggle til he went to bed.

This morning, more crying, clingy, snuggly behavior. I went to put him down and he screamed and wouldn't put weight on his left leg at all. Oh, we really missed the mark. In retrospect, I realized he hadn't allowed us to put him on his feet since the tackle--so when I thought he was being clingy and antisocial, he was really in pain on his leg! Poor baby. We were able to get him into after hours clinic by 10:30, and he was a trooper during the waiting times, while the doctor examined him and while he got his FIRST (I'm sure there will be many) set of x-rays of his left leg and hips. Good news, no breaks or dislocations. Just some probable soft tissue bruise that will keep him off his feet for awhile.

So we spent the rest of the day coddling and helping him play on the floor. Its really frustrating for him, after being so mobile and fast for so long. Eventually he figured out how to hobble up onto his little fire engine and push himself around the house without having to walk--smart boy!

Throughout the evening he had his bouts of pain where he would cry, but get over it fairly quick, and he really became quite a bit more limber and brave later in the evening, daring to pull himself up and try to climb the arm of the couch or take a few steps or try to play golf. Only a few times his leg just totally gave out on him, but he looked so determined to try. Mama's going to stay home with him tomorrow and hope he gets some of his mobility back before we take him back to daycare. He needs to feel better since we have a trip planned to go to Indy's Children's museum this Saturday!

On a brighter note, since he was being such a stinker right before dinner, Daddy agreed to bundle him up and take him for a wagon ride (an all time favorite!), and here is what he looked like as he rounded the corner for home. Along with the visual you get, imagine it coupled with a real attitude about getting his picture taken...are boys allowed to be called "divas??"

Friday, October 19, 2007


I started writing this post to tell all about our fun daycare field trip to the Children's Museum and post lots of cool pictures of the action. Let me tell you about it first, then on to the pics. I took LOTS of pictures as Reid ran from exhibit to exhibit, from room to room. To say that he was excited would be a major understatement. There was a big sand box (an all time favorite!). There were metal building pieces to whack together to make noise. There was a room full of water (Oh, the splashing!). There was a room full of balls. There was a room for clanging and banging (Oh, my head!). There was lots of room to run and squeal. There was a giant nose sculpture.

There was one problem. I took about 50 pictures while we were there. You can only see my little angel's face in about 3 of them. He's just too fast. I got pictures of the back of his head, his backside, a stray arm or leg as he bolted out of the camera's range. Really, unless he's asleep, injured or strapped down, photography has become quite a challenge these days. So, now here's what I got in the end to document our day.

A giant sandbox with cool tools.

Multiply the number of balls in this picture by about 1000--
pure heaven!

"Building" things--aka "trying not to whack the
kid with the painted face with a large metal beam"

Climbing into the artistic rendition of a nose.

He's just asking to be sneezed out. Anybody
got an extra tissue??

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


We went to the Fest on Sunday for Family Day and rode the rides before the big crowds got there. The carousel is my favorite!

I got to ride the choo choo with my cousins. Sammi is sat with me and made sure I had fun and stayed safe. Sammi is such a good cousin!
We got to ride in the front of the dinosaurs that went round and round and up and down. Sammi sat with me while Anna and Bea sat behind us.

Me and mommy and daddy went back to the Festival (which I can say, by the way--"festiBALL!") on Tuesday night. We ate lots of food and saw lots of people and rode the carousel horsies again. I had so much fun. You should all go too!

Love, Reid