Saturday, July 21, 2007

This slicky slide LOOKS harmless, but Mommy has a big fat abrasion on her left elbow that says different!

This is the "Tadpole Playground" at Boston Commons. Reidy Roo got to play play play and get some his wiggles out after being on a plane all day Friday and then in a hotel room. No, Mommy's not throwing him in head first into the little spray park, just letting him get a little wet because he was just DYING to get wet, and we didn't anticipate this was here.

So, eventually, after he saw a bunch of other kids getting wet and having fun, we decided to let him go for it and just stripped him down. He had a ball and pretty much had to be dragged away. It was worth it to watch him have so much fun.

Then we followed up with a trip to the Boston Children's Museum. The theme of the museum has to do with construction ala "Big Dig". There's Reid in a little construction zone helping Daddy stay safe. Can you say "STIM-U-LA-TION?" There were balls and bubbles and trucks and noises and water. We didn't get probably half way through before we called it a day and headed off to get something to eat.
All before 1p.m., we rode trains, elevators, got breakfast, splashed with the frogs, played on the playground, fed pigeons, gave change to a guitar player in the subway station, went to the children's museum, ate lunch, and got back to the hotel in time for a three hour Woobie nap.
Off to more adventures later!
Love you!