Monday, April 16, 2007


Everywhere you look around our house, there is a children's book laying around, almost to the point of being dangerous (do you know how slippery those little suckers are if you step on one that's laying flat on the carpet??).

Mr. Reid LOVES books. He loves touch and feel books, books that play a little tune, books with paper pages and books with cardboard pages. He looks at books about letters, numbers, shapes and Bible Stories. He. Loves. Books. With the exception of only one book ever. "I Love You This Much" about Big and Little Nut Brown Hare. He. Hates. That. Book. Don't know why, probably never will.

His most recent favorite is a John Deere book about a tractor. I bought it for him yesterday and since I brought it home, he has requested that one of us read it to him about 4523938 times.

We've gotten books as gifts and of course, we buy some every few weeks to keep things fresh, because when your baby shuffles through ALL the books fifteen times every our and pulls out the one he wants, holds it up to his Daddy and says "book??", then you better be ready to read. And here's the thing. Even if HE doesn't get bored with his books, WE do, and we need variety.

Another great and valuable resource for books is the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Dolly's foundation wants every community's child to have a new book every month for the first five years to promote reading. So individual communities can sign on and commit to fund the program for people in their area. Doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, if your community runs the program, your kiddo can get age-appropriate, quality books in the mail EVERY MONTH FOR FIVE YEARS!! Wow. Our community operates the program through Deaconess Women's Hospital. To find out if your community offers the program, go to the following website: . You can also sign up for books for your family at that site.

Happy Reading!


Monday, April 09, 2007

When baby makes too much noise, just cork him up, right?? Actually, Reid likes to put shape sorter thingies in his mouth...often.
Easter Egg hunting with Great Aunt Debbie
All my cousins at Nanny's house


I have been so bad about telling you all about my latest adventures. What with being cute and all, it leaves little time for baby blogging, you know?? So let me try and catch you up...

I have started to get braver with my walking, putting 7-8 steps together at a time, wandering away from the safety of the couch. And at my Minas Koressel's I learned how to climb stairs on

I'm still loving my books and now I'll point to interesting things on the page. Once I even repeated after Nano Morrison and said "blue" when we were reading the book about colors. Well, actually I said "boo" but you get the picture.

I like music, and am starting to get a little taste of the boogie fever. I dance best on my knees on the floor. Sometimes I push the doorbell button on my little tent twice just so I can dance. Push it once, it rings the doorbell. Push it twice and it plays "No place like home."

Mommy is trying to slowly wean me off bottles, but we're taking it slow. I only drink milk now, though, No formula anymore. And I can finally use the sippy cup like a pro! Yay for me!!

So, now you're caught up with all my shenanigans. Seems like every time you blink, I can do something new.