Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just getting in to get his feet wet...
Kicking and splashing...
"I wanna swim by myself!!"

Free play time

Reid did really well from the very beginning of class. He sat very nicely and listened to the teacher and "mostly" followed instructions. After 45 minutes, he was pretty content, until he realized that he had not yet jumped in (which was not part of today's lesson!). Maybe next week...The fearlessness is exactly why we're doing the lessons in the first place.

But the BEST part of swimming lessons was what came afterwards...there just happened to be a fun fair at the Y, complete with obstacle course, goody bags, healthy snacks, bouncy houses, and big mascot animals. So our 45 minute lesson went over two hours!

One would think all this excitement and a happy meal would wear a little person out, but the napless wonder lives on!

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