Sunday, June 17, 2007


Just wanted to shout out words of love and thanks to our fathers out there. Papaw is in Florida with the girls and the kids--They've been there a day and I'll be he's already burned the tops of his feet. I'm grilling today in honor of him. Hope you liked your new apron! We didn't get to see Daddo today because Bryan hasn't been feeling well and Sam is in town. No one else needs to get sick in the process of a visit. That is our gift to you, Daddo. And, Bryan is starting to feel better, but has been helping take care of a cranky, teething, sweet little boy all day, who didn't lay down to take a nap until almost 4 p.m. Motrin is our friend.

And in honor of Dads everywhere...Reid kindly posed for the following pictures this morning. I'll give you three guesses what he's doing while he's "reading". No, I'm not kidding...