Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Little Roo got a new puppy towel that he used for the first time tonight, and I think he's in love. He likes he way it feels on his head and he likes the way he looks in the mirror. So I don't know which is cuter...Puppy with his Mama...

...Puppy coyly peering from his little doggie hood, KNOWING the camera is out and cheezin' it up like the little model he is...

Puppy doing a sporty pose...again with mandatory cute model face...

...or Puppy Roo doing his best impersonation of Obi Wan Kenobi (Luke...use the force...).

Either way, he wore that thing for a long time after his bath and thought he was really something.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It all started innocently enough. Mommy asked Daddy to bake a few cookies since he was already eating the dough right out of the bowl. So he kindly popped a dozen in to bake and got them out when the oven beeped. Please don't panic. The cookies were out on the counter with plenty of time to cool (thank Goodness!) before we dug into them. Mommy offered me a few bites of a cookie, and that was okay, I guess, but I got kind of mad because I wanted a WHOLE cookie. I AM a big boy, you know, with big appetites and lots of energy to burn. Is a whole cookie really too much to ask for?? Really?

So, when Mom and Dad got interested in something else, I took my fate into my own hands, and went for it. See, I've been practicing a new tippy-toe maneuver that stretches me waaay up high and I can reach things you'd never dream of. Such as said cookie sheet up on the counter. By the time Mommy heard something going on in there, all the cookies had already fallen to the floor, but I was still holding the cookie sheet up over my head, planning my next move. When she came to help me out, that's when I dropped the cookie sheet on her foot, diverting her attention from me grabbing from the floor the most beautiful, delicious chocolate chip cookie I've ever seen in my life. A whole one (some of the other ones broke...). And as you can see from the pictures below, my plan paid off.

And to Aunt Kari, I have a few things to say to you. First THANK YOU for mopping the kitchen floor, so that when I ate my cookie, it wasn't covered in cat fur or cobwebs or who knows what else that I might have dropped on the floor before. Second, I'M SORRY that I got a bunch of chocolatey goodness from my hands and face on the newly cleaned carpet and couch in the living room. It did come off with a wet paper towel. Even if it hadn't come up, the cookie would have been really, really worth it.

Love, Reid

I love, love, love my new fort. The steering wheel is best of all! It sits under the shade trees beside the driveway. This winter, we'll probably bring it into the basement so there will be fun things to do when its cold outside.

Love, Reid

Sunday, August 05, 2007


There are just a few things that can bring Papaw K. to tears, and one of them is watching his youngest grandbaby eat lemons. It never gets tiring to see that cute little cherub face scrunch up into a squinty pucker, apparently. But today, the baby got smart. Nanny handed him a lemon and he excitedly grabbed it and just cut out the middle man altogether and started puckering without ever having to eat the fruit...When offered a bite, he gave a definite shake of the head, seeming to say, "I'll perform for you like a circus monkey and make the funny face, but you aren't gonna make me eat that sour stuff!"
In other news...Bryan and I were amazed when our little guy started counting the other night. First, he just repeated saying the numbers after us, but then proceeded to count to six without any prompts at all. "UHN...TYU... FEE...PO... PIE... DICK" Gosh, I hope that's an indication that he'll be good at math someday. Even if it isn't, just try to tell me that's not cute! But you'll have to take our word for it, because that's one trick he probably won't do for the general public. He's just now cooperating with showing people he knows his animal noises and body parts when we ask him to. Baby tricks are fun!