Friday, December 28, 2007


The Morrisons have been having lots of fun over the holidays, but
boy, have we been busy! Parties at daycare, home, Nanny and Papaw's, Nanno and Daddo's and Minas' so far, and one to go this weekend. Reid has been busy being, well...busy, over the past several days and has enjoyed showing off all his cute tricks for the aunts and uncles who don't get to see him very often. On Monday, he danced and danced for the Morrison girls and kept them laughing.

Most of the boxes and paper are gone, but there are still things to put away and clean up and sort out and as far as old stuff, there is plenty to get rid of. Maybe Mommy will do that this friday on her day off, but more than likely she'll take a nap and get up in time to take another nap.

New Year's plans are still up in the air, but could include anything from spending the evening with friends to spending the evening in jammies with a bottle of wine, some food and the television. Either way, its all good as we start out 2008. You never know what the new year might bring!

So to all our family and friends, we wish you a safe and happy New Year's eve, and a very blessed 2008!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Reid's language is really picking up these days. But if you haven't trained your ear to his way of speaking, you might not catch the gist, so I'll help you out here.

I hab it/I hode it = Give that to me now
NO! = NO!
Yesh = Yes
Help, Help!! = Somebody please save me. My mommy's trying to trap me in this carseat again, totally against my will!!
WeeAYgo!! On!! = I want to wear my Go Diego Go pajamas/I don't want these other crummy pajamas/I don't want to wear real clothes to daycare (This can sometimes be accompanied by "help, help" which meaning then changes to "somebody please save me, my mommy's trying to trap me in these crummy pajamas without Diego on them"
Baff = bath
Bubbelsh = I want bubbles in my bath
I toot = I just made bubbelsh in my baff
Mooomie = I want to watch "Cars," "Nemo," or "Incredibles". NOW.
DBD = See "moomie"
I do it = I do it
MINE = well, no explanation necessary--its ALL mine.