Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Hey, look at me--I'm Reidie the Red Nosed Reindeer! I have been partying up a storm all thru this holiday week and boy am I worn out. There has been someone to visit or someone visiting me every day. My sleep schedule is WAY out of wack. But its all worth it because Santa has been very good to me. You can see that Santa came to visit and I told him everything I wanted for Christmas. A few days later, he brought me this cool new clubhouse to play in. I must have been a very good boy this year. Dad even let me play with his XBox 360--well not really. I'm just pushin' buttons, but I LOVE buttons! I've also been really turning on the charm with all my friends and family, showing them I can be even cuter than normal.

By the way, I went to the doctor last week. At a little over nine months old, I am 20 lbs. 12oz. and 28 1/2 inches long. That puts me at 60th percentile for both height and weight. The doctor told me I was handsome (blush) and doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing at this age.

I hope you all got a visit from Santa, too. Sending you lots of kisses and hoping you have a blessed new year!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Oh, I have been so good this year...well at least since I've been born earlier this year...I just KNOW Santa will bring me some goodies.

In the coming week, there will be so much excitement. There will be a Christmas party at Miss Julie's tomorrow and the jolly guy himself is supposed to show up. Then on Friday all Mommy's family is coming to MY house for dinner and presents. As you can see from the picture, though, I find that the boxes the presents come in are probably more fun! Then all my aunts and uncles and cousins from Daddy's family will be coming to visit--some of them live pretty far away, so I don't get to see them much. And there will be more parties with more family all the way into next weekend. So...I wonder how screwed up my routine will be by the time I go back to Miss Julie's in the new year...?

I get to go to the Dr. for my 9 month checkup this Friday. I expect she'll tell me I'm perfect yet again. I will show her how I can clap, crawl and stand up (with only a little help), and I'll show her the two new teeth I'm getting up top (that will make four up top and two on bottom). I may even show her what those teeth can do. Did you know that teeth can BITE?? I taught mom that lesson just the other night when she was trying to trim my nails. I hate it when she trims my nails. I may just bite her every time she does that in the future...

Anyway, its past my bedtime now. I actually stay up til 7:30 sometimes now. Just want to send a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family. I hope to hear from you all in the new year.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

GO STEELERS!! (Well, do the best you can...)


Thank goodness, whatever problems with pictures this site had, they are over now, cause I've been doing lots of neat things and you guys have been missing out!

On Tuesday, I turn nine months old (already??). In honor of this occasion, I have learned to army crawl and you should see me go. Mom and Dad have got to keep EVERYTHING off the floor that's not a toy, because I'm pretty quick. There are no hands and knees involved in this kind of crawling--its a special maneuver with my shoulders, hips and toes that looks like hard work, but gets me where I need to go.

I've also got FOUR whole teeth in my mouth, but most finger foods still kindof ick me out. I can do the puffs but so far, everything else (real green beans and cheerios, for example) are harder for me to figure out. We're also working on standing up while holding on to furniture, but I'm not so sure why I really have to hold on...

Love you all! Hope you're having a great holiday and I'll see you soon!