Saturday, March 01, 2008

Still pretty cheerful despite the fact that he's got goo coming from his eyes, nose and mouth. For whatever reason it seems that his cold is making him drool like crazy. Poor little dude. His face is sore from all of our rubbing the goo off. He's quite a trooper. We're trying to bribe him with a sticker every time he lets us put the drops in his eyes.

This has nothing to do with the pinkeye, but just wanted to post what happened last weekend. This happens to be my shade of Loreal liquid makeup that Reid got ahold of. Apparently he had untwisted the lid and took off running only to trip and spill it all over the hallway carpet. We have a handy dandy carpet cleaner...

And this is the final verdict. Unless we get some serious kind of chemical to treat the carpet, its gonna look like this forever. Not pretty at all. Mommy's fault for leaving it on the bathroom counter where he could reach it. Its just one of those things a shows we have a little one in the house, which I wouldn't trade for a clean carpet!

This is just a cute one of Woob lining up his cars ever-so-perfectly. He will also line his racecars up perfectly side-by-side so they can "Ready...Set...RACE!"

His second birthday is next week! How he's grown since I first started the blog...amazing!