Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birthday party with Daddy

At the park, he made friends with a little girl named Kayla

With his happy hour cup, it makes me wanna sing, "Its 5:00Somewhere". For the record, there's a milk shake in that cup. About five minutes after the picture was taken, Reid threw up. He thought it was "foooony!"

At USI's Spring Fest riding the kiddie rides in the rain. Good times!


Oh, Hi. Remember Me? No? I'm the mommy who loves her little boy so much she thought she'd start a blog for/about him and drive the family and friends crazy with cute little pictures and stories about him growing and learning and...well, being cute! Still don't remember? It's been too long, you say? Well, let me catch you up.

Since we last met, little Roo turned TWO YEARS OLD! He had a party at the Children's Museum and all the cool people were there. Especially the little people. All the cool little people we know came to see Reid, celebrate his birthday and play in the museum. It was FUN, FUN, FUN. And please know, my cool people friends and family, that I haven't forgotten about your generosity that day, and someday...someday you might get a thank you card. They are bought and half addressed and all, but sadly like so many other things in the past month, they are just NOT DONE. I'm just a bad mommy. Please don't think the Roody has bad manners on my account.

We are so happy that spring is here and Reid wants nothing in world more than to be outside. Outside in the yard, at the park, at the neighbors' house, in the wagon, taking a walk. He doesn't really care as long as its outside. He'd prefer that to eating or sleeping or movies (movies are a close second, though!)

He is talking up a storm...saying whole sentences, which is pretty new and shocking at times. Like when he tells me to "throw it away, mom" or "I hurt my knee." The other night, I asked him if he was done pooping or still working on it. He replied "I'm still workin' on it, mom." Heartbreakingly, he's also learning other sentences that aren't as helpful, such as when I'm singing to him or with him anywhere around, he usually tells me "don't sing, mom!!" Yeah, I know I can't sing. I can handle the criticism. But the other night, instead of that, he told me loudly to "SHUT UP!" which hurt my little feelings. We may never let him play with other children again. :(

But most often, he's funny and charming and hyper and growing and smart and silly and dirty...just the way we love him.